even-t 2 Professional

Advanced Features for Professionals

The best solution for power users, educational and business requirements.

Shared Editing

Shared Editing

Collaboration is supported on your .Mac account or on any WebDAV server supports locking and multiple user accounts.

Before you'll edit a shared calendar the last version will be loaded from the server. The calendar will be locked for others while editing.

After saving your data, the locking will be released and other users will get the actual version and can change them by their own.

Customizable Layouts

Customized layout for Week View

The professional version of even-t gives you a great overview of your data. Just change the number of rows and columns you would like to see.

This is an ideal solution for class-schedule and human resource planning.

Multiple Views

Multiple Views

even-t Professional supports multiple views to keep track of your work.

Open a new window to edit your data in detail. Changes will be reflected by all views.

Web Page Creation

Customized Web Page

Create Web pages with customizable layouts.

This simplifies the process for publishing your events on the Internet.

Printing Templates

Printing your calendars with custom page templates is simple. You create the template, even-t uses it for printing.

Event Templates

The professional version of even-t let you create templates for most used events and insert them with a click.