even-t's features at a glance.

User Interface

even-t's user interface stands out against other solutions. Elegant and clear, but functional and intuitive.

Pop-up Clock
  • Expand and collapse days in multi-column Day, Week and Month Views.
  • Display different coloured calendars in one window.
  • Create, organize and display coloured groups and subgroups of calendars.
  • Multiple document windows.
  • Action Button to access frequently used editing features.
  • Optional display of time, location and notes.
  • Store layout and window positions of current and recent calendar windows used.
  • Set window style to metalic or unified style.
  • Optional Calendar Navigator at top of any view to find a specific date.
  • Status bar to display various information.
  • Optional tool tips for events and dates.
  • Fast navigation by key shortcuts and scroll wheel support.


even-t is seamlessly integrated into Mac OS X using Apple's state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Drag & drop of documents, URLs or any file type to events, tasks and notes.
  • Drag & drop of contacts from Apple's AddressBook. Access to all attendee's email addresses, display contact picture and phone numbers in large type.
  • Address Book
  • AppleScript support to access even-t's features from outside.
  • Mail integration to send alarm notifications or access attendee's email addresses.
  • Lookup event locations using Google Maps and your preferred Web browser.
  • Synchronisation using Apples frameworks and iSync.


even-t offers outstanding editing features, that let you do your work quickly and efficiently.

  • Cut, copy, paste and duplicate events.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Use of different font sizes and styles like bold and italic in summary and notes.
  • Setting the color of a single event.
  • Change priority with customized color themes.Priority Menu
  • Change state of appointments, to-dos and notes.
  • Lock a single event to prevent editing.
  • Automatically move events depending on it's state for uncompleted or in-process to-dos, tentative events and draft notes.
  • Convert events from appointments to notes or to-dos and vice versa.
  • Move events between different calendars with one click.
  • Shortcuts to move events by hours, days or weeks.
  • Editing history menu to repeat changes to other events.


even-t uses XML to store it's data to be flexible and guarantee extensibility. But it also speaks iCalendar and HTML.

  • Export and import of data using the iCalendar standard.
  • Export your calendar as HTML.
  • Send an event to your Google Calendar.
  • Subscribe and publish calendars.
  • Synchronize with iSync.
Data Types


The print panel gives you great control and preview of the printed version of your calendars.

  • Scalable Day, Week, Month, Year and List View.
  • Display time, location, colours, state, priority and summarizable notes.
  • Scalable preview to check your changed layout instantly.
  • Filter your items and set the number of columns in List View.
Printed List


Cool transitions let you fly through your calendar.

  • Smooth transitions when selecting different days in expanded views.
  • Transitions when switching between and skipping back and forward in Day, Week, Month and Year Views.
  • All animations can be switched off.

Professional Version

For professional users even-t offers advanced features. The best solution for power users, educational and business requirements.

Activate Shared Editing
  • Shared Editing for collaboration on .Mac and WebDAV servers with locking support.
  • Customize layouts by changing numbers of rows and columns for Day and Week View.
  • Multiple views on documents.
  • Create Web pages with customizable layouts.
  • Print calendars with customized templates.
  • Create templates for most used events.