even-t 2

Even More Calendar

even-t has many easy to use new features.

even-t Week View

The unique expandable view keeps you focused on important things, your events.

Organize your events in different coloured calendars, which you can display in one or in separate windows.

Cool transitions let you fly through your calendar for fast scanning.

Access to All Information

Event Item

even-t makes all kind of information available.

Immediate access to frequently used features with the Action Button and context menus.

Attachment Menu

Each event can have any number of linked information.

Use Apple's Address Book to add attendees or drag&drop any file or Web URL.

Attach as many files as you like to each event: Documents, Music, Photos, Web URLs and more.

Google and even-t

Google Integration

even-t integrates Google Calendar and Google Map.

Google Menu

"Send to Google..." sends the selected event to your Google Calendar.

Enter the event's location and "Search Google Maps" links you to Google Map.

Advanced Features for Professional Users

For professionals even-t offers advanced features. If you need Shared Editing for collaboration and more, even-t Professional is the best solution.